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Cabin kits weren’t available when settlers began building log cabins in the woods and on the frontier. It was a difficult task. Builders chopped down their own trees, hauled them to the building site, and laid them one on at a time. But, if you’re planning to build a log cabin today, the task can be made much simpler by purchasing a cabin kit.

Cabin kits can be purchased in many different styles and sizes and can come as complete as you like. According to the Log Home Builders Association, some small cabin kits can be purchased for about $7,500. Kits can come with walls (and only walls) or be complete right down to the front porch, fitted windows and doors. Part of the beauty of a cabin kit is that you can choose how much or how little you would like to do to build your cabin.

Methods Using Cabin Kits

There are several different methods of building a log cabin with a kit. Most log cabins are built with some sort of notching process that allows the logs to fit together to keep out the air and give the house stability. In some methods, logs are shaped and grooved to make them fit together perfectly. Other methods retain the logs’ original character and use the chinking method. Chink is a caulk-like substance that fills in those gaps in between logs without stripping them. A panelized cabin kit features prefabricated wall sections that are delivered already put together (usually in 4-foot sections). Options for a panelized kit include exterior walls, interior walls, sections of roof, and pre-cut stairs. The kit usually comes with numbered instructions to make installation easier.

The Appeal of Using Cabin Kits

Using a cabin kit may appeal to people for a number of different reasons. The novelty of being able to say that you built your cabin with your own two hands may be the biggest of them all. In this day and age not many people can claim that. This task is made that much easier because of access to customer service that is provided along with cabin kits.

Another advantage to building from a cabin kit is knowing you only have to have a minimal amount of tools to accomplish your task. The larger the kit, however, the more you’ll need to finish the job. If you’re not the handyman type or worry about the quality of your work, it may be wise to hire a builder. As with any large purchase or big decision, research is of singular importance. Make sure you also know the risks of buying a cabin kit.

Other Considerations & Costs

What a lot of people may not keep in mind is that the purchase price of your cabin kit is not the only thing you will be paying for in your home-building process. In addition to a complete cabin kit, you still have to pay for other things such as:

• log home foundation
• septic system
• other plumbing items (pipes, toilets, sinks, etc.)
• electrical wiring
• heating and cooling
• drywall
• insulation
• cabinets
• floor coverings
• appliances
furnishings and accessories

Remember, that as with any building project, cabin kit builders are required to procure building permits. Your structure is also required to meet the building code in your area. Once your cabin is complete, don’t forget about maintenance.

Cabin Kit Vendors

Conestoga Log Cabins -    800-914-4606   
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