Cabin Services

Cabin Service Providers

Cabin services, such cleaning, repair and maintenance are high on the list of necessities when it comes to owning a cabin. Think preventive, or "a stitch in time saves nine" as Ben Franklin reportedly said. If your cabins are rental cabins, maintaining the rental property becomes even more of a necessity. Rentors expect everything to be clean and in good working order when they rent your cabin for vacation. If you are an absentee owner, local cabin services become invaluable.

Cabin Cleaning Services

Making sure your cabin is spic-and-span before the guests walk through the door--absolutely imperative in the world of cabin rentals. Guests will find it hard to relax and enjoy if the cabin isn’t in top condition. If you don’t have time to clean your cabin after every visitor leaves then you should consider hiring a company to do it for you. Cleaners will offer a variety of services from a quick cleaning between renters, to a deep cleaning once a year before the high season. Some states health laws require that hot tubs be completely cleaned whether they were used or not. Most companies offer a variety of services including:

•Cleaning kitchen and bathrooms
•Vacuuming the carpets
•Cleaning windows
•Clearing cobwebs
•Changing and washing linens
•Washing dishes
•Restocking essentials and special services such as draining, cleaning, and testing the pH balance of your hot tub. They can also provide toiletries and other essentials. Other special services may include:
•Seasonal decorations for holidays
•Deliveries for special occasions
•Special deep cleaning for re-opening an empty cabin

Cabin Maintenance Services

Having a cabin property in good repair is a must for cabin owners. Guests usually begin looking for everything that is wrong with a cabin once they find anything wrong. Maintenance for cabins is very similar to that of a normal house, with a few exceptions. Companies who provide cabin maintenance will check for cabin logs that need to be cleaned of mold or re-sealed. Most maintenance companies will also be able to re-chink a cabin or restain logs that have become bleached from the sun or weather. A good maintenance company should also know to check gutters on a regular basis. Should they begin to clog up and overflow, water will not drain properly and could overflow onto the house, which could cause darkening of the logs over time and even water redirected into th inside. Maintenance services will also take care of plumbing and hot tub maintenance and repair. Some companies also offer lawn care services such as mowing, weed eating, and light landscaping.

Other Cabin Services

Just like a regular house, cabins need pest control--treatment for bugs and other pests. Termite inspection and treatment is very important to protect your cabin investment. If your regular maintenance company does not provide lawn care, then you may want to look into a local company that can visit your property regularly. These companies may also be able to put some landscaping in place on your property. Just as in selling a house, curb appeal is important if you want visitors to return (see tips for better photographs for your cabin rental).

Cabin Service Providers

Pro Log Restoration - P.O. Box 459 Exeter CA 93221    866-4PROLOG
Log Jam Chinking -    800-827-1688
SuperChink -    800-624-8288
Log Home Store -    800-827-1688
Cockburn Island Forest Products -    517-279-1757
Wood Haven Log - 4386 US 31 N Traverse City MI    866-966-9663
CTA Products Group -    877-536-1446
Knight Chemicals -    800-825-7650
Sansin -    877-SANSIN-1
Radiant Company -    866-927-6863
Radiantec -    800-451-7593
Warmboard Radiant subfloor -    877-338-5493   
Restore Wood -    800-238-1711
Star 10 -    800-726-4319
I Wood Care -    800-721-7715
Log Finishers -
ISK Biocides - 416 E. Brooks Rd. Memphis TN 38109    800-248-7961   
Log Finishers' Supply - 545 Turner Drive Durango CO 81303    888-840-8445   
Natural Log Home Products - Marion MI    800-495-1020   
Woodlandia -    877-508-8777
Lovitt's -    877-966-3476
Velvit Products - P.O. Box 1741 Appleton WI 54912    920-722-8355
Carlisle Wide Plank Floors -    800-595-9663   
Schroeder Log Home Supply -    800-359-6614   
Cutting Edge -    641-782-5250   
Zeagler Farms -    912-682-0002
Maine Cedar Specialty Products -    207-532-9915
Midwest Wholesale Log Supply -    573-374-2424
Incinolet - Research Products - 2639 Andjon Dallas TX 75220    800-527-5551   
Sikkens Wood Care -    866-SIKKENS   
Northwest Manufacturing - P.O. Box 299 Kelso WA 98626    360-636-0390